Today, performance is synonymous with versatility! That is why, in PATINFO, we work with two CMS Joomal and Magento.

Your CMS is chosen according to your future site: online, portal, portfolio, business presentation, picture gallery, etc ...

To date, no limit was found at the ultra-powerful CMS.
CMS : Content Management System is a content manager of designing and updating dynamic websites or multimedia applications.

You are giving us your requirements and we do the rest! The content that you provide will be arranged so as to obtain an attractive visual effect and highlight the qualities of your business. We take pride in creating websites made in the image of our customers. We care about your wants and needs, we listen to your needs and carry everything with professionalism.
An ergonomic site requires thought, analysis and expertise. A website is not to be taken lightly.

PATINFO improves listings of websites present on the web, but above all, create websites tailored to search engines. All this in order to improve its visibility on the web.
For a good SEO, you should work on it.

Management of your products is easy to manage by yourself.Your site is accessible and easy to turn in all media. Text, images, news modules, specific topics, everything is modular and transformable in a few clicks.
The long-term management is our goal for you.

The contents of this web site are outdated? The interface of your site does not have easy access? It may be time to redesign your site!
We are redesigning your websites.

PATINFO offer cool prizes Associations and non-profit companies goals. Tempt your luck!
Helping hands !

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