Wherever you are, run your business ... SAMinfo has many qualities that are essential in today's world.
If you have an improvement or a topic to be added ... PATINFO handles create it for you! In addition to being effective, SAMinfo is modular with ease!
The interface is totally secure. We will send you a username and a password. You connect and here you are !
  • Protected administration of ​​your area
  • Payment via DTA / EPO for your customers, orders, suppliers
  • Time entry by your employees and / or yourself
  • Entering absences, holidays and fees
  • Easy access to open invoices
  • Target customer payments
  • Managing your accounting
A program tailored to your needs ... a dream ? The data is automatically transmitted between application modules.
  • Services sector, IT and consulting
  • Selling electronics & TV
  • Carpenter
  • Compost - Waste Management
Companies that already use SAMinfo
Your employees enter their hours
  • Your secretary transcribes
  • Retranscribes for salaries
  • Asks employees how many hours did he spend per customer
  • The accountant re-entered invoices
  • The payslips are manually writtened
Do you have also this kind of problems ? Do not spend a third of your time in your paperwork!

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SAMinfo, what is it? The solution for the proper management of your business!
With various tabs, each belonging to a specific category, navigate with ease through the menus of your interface. SAMinfo evolves with your inserts and updates dynamically.
Your management interface

Your data are incorrect? Contact us. If the problem is more complex, recover your backup up to a week back.

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